I really regret to stop this after I have just begun. But my eating disorders are starting to creep up again, and I need to be more comfortable with my eating before I can start blogging again. I will still be following everyone, but unfortunately there won’t be any more posts from me for a while.


Almost As Planned

Woke up this morning at 8:10 a.m for my 8:30 a.m. class. Obviously didn’t make it on time. My timetable for today may have been planned out, but my sleep schedule was still a little behind. I didn’t fall asleep until around 4:00 a.m last night. So my body was not ready to get up for 7:30.

When i finally got up at 8:10 a.m. I started my day off right with a cuppa joe.

I made a 1 egg, 1 egg-white omelet with laughing cow cheese. With an apple on the side.

Then it was off to my first class. Came home, relaxed on the computer a bit. Made lunch. Leftovers from last nights dinner, and cucumber with hummus. Couldn’t finish all of the cuke, so it went back into the fridge for snacking later.

Then i was off to my next class. After class I met up with my friend at the gym for a quick 30 minute cardio session on the bikes. Came home and worked on a homework assignment. I was super hungry at this point so i snacked on something I picked up on my way back from gym.

Oh my. This clif bar was quite good. I’ve never tried these before. But they put a serious dent in your hunger. Unlike any other granola/energy bar I’ve had before.

A little later I made dinner.

I got some serious veg on. Steamed beans and sweet potato. With a side of mixed beans and primavera sauce. I surprised myself by finishing the whole plate, and I went back for some more beans. I was super hungry.

After dinner, a little more work was in order. And then some frozen yogurt and this bad boy.

And then I took a much needed nap. With the lack of rest last night, I was asleep within minutes.

Then there may or may not have been some late night snacking of oatmeal with chocolate chips and PB. I really cannot be trusted around nut butters. They are so good. Need..more..control.

Overall my schedule went really well today. Everything that I had organized was accomplished, and even finished my homework a little earlier then I had planned.

Now off to bed. Goodnight everyone!

Using Your Time

Today was a pretty average day, 2 classes, and a lot of no-class time. Which (after I wasted a lot of it) got me to thinking about something one of my professors was talking about lately. Time management. He emphasized that there are 168 hours in a week, and one can either use the time, or waste the time. He mentioned that if you plan your time out, you can make time for a lot of things you wouldn’t have thought of before.

I’ve been a poor student lately when it comes to using and managing time. Like any other student I spend time with friends, in class, on facebook/reading blogs, and doing homework. Sometimes it’s hard to make time for everything I want to do, and even harder to manage to not leave everything to the last moment. I’m a hard worker, but i don’t plan my time. So I end up dwindling a lot of the time, or feeling too over whelmed to know what to do with the hours I do have.

So today I made a calendar with my classes, eating times, gym times, and homework times all blocked out. And hopefully I’ll be able to follow through.

Here’s what my schedule for the next week would look like. Pink is class, green is meal times, yellow is gym, and orange is homework/study.

Hopefully this will keep me a little more organized.

Breakfast/lunch was oatmeal with blueberries, veggies and hummus.

Dinner was soba noodles with broccoli and primavera sauce.

This was a pretty delicious combination. The broccoli was a nice addition to make the pasta a little more filling.

For dessert I made another batch of these muffins because my housemates requested them. Seriously these are soo good. My friends devoured them again. Last i checked there was only one left.

And then i tried to make this 3 minute oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips. But it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped. I didn’t have eggbeaters so i used 1 egg-white, which I’m not sure was the same amount. I’ll have to try again.

The chocolate parts were good at least.

So my question to you guys is. Do you plan your time out, or do you kind of go with the flow?

I’ve definitely been half and half for most of my life. I plan the important things out. But lately I’ve been thinking I should plan a little more, and try to make better use of my time.

Good Eats

Today was a pretty good day eats wise.

Woke up pretty late. So breakfast/lunch was  fruit oatmeal. Took some frozen fruit, put the oats on top. Added some water and put it in the microwave. Then I sprinkled it with some cinnamon. I love frozen fruit, it goes well with so many things. Kind of expensive but worth it :)

Another lazy Sunday was spent reading blogs, and watching some TV. And grocery shopping! Clearly my favourite part of the day. Some of my purchases included whole grain tortillas which i used for dinner to make these wraps. I stuffed them with cucumber, spinach, avocado, raita, and cilantro. Then on the side i had some more spinach with tomato, avocado and another couple smears of raita.

Still a bit hungry after dinner, I had some vanilla yogurt and tea. Speaking of yogurt, I can’t find Greek yogurt anywhere in my grocery store I checked the organic section and the regular section. And the grocery store nearby usually has everything. This makes me sad, because I have yet to try it.

Think those are normal chocolate chips. Nope? They’re carob chips.

This was a new find at the grocery store. I don’t know if there are necessarily better for you than plain old choco chips. But they have an nice chocolate flavour, and are probably a bit more natural. Calorie wise i think it’s about the same. Definitely yummy.

Also had a bit of another grocery purchase. Some vanilla frozen yogurt that has a chocolate and caramel swirl.

Very yum!

How are you going to spend your Sunday evening?

I’m going to get some homework done that I’ve been putting off all weekend. Maybe. I mean yes, definitely ;)

Change Of Mind

Yep that’s right.

I’ve had a slight mind change over the past couple days. This is part of why i haven’t blogged in a bit (the other is I’ve been a pretty busy student). I’m a pretty indecisive person when it comes down to it, and I know I said before that I’m going to be trying to lose 5 more pounds. And I am (don’t call me a quitter yet haha), but i don’t think I want to use this blog as a weight recorder of sorts. I know where I’m at, and that’s enough for me. Otherwise I will drive myself crazy trying to have some sort of weight difference every week. And that’s just silly.

I want this blog to be positive, and not about weight fluctuations and counting every last calorie. I’m done with over analyzing how much I weigh, and i don’t want this to drive me to being obsessive (which is totally in my nature :p).

This is not a weight loss blog. I have lost a significant amount of weight. But that is in my past. This is a blog about me achieving a healthy balance in university :)

I am at a healthy weight already. For one thing when I calculate my Body Mass Index it spouts out ‘ideal‘. And who can argue with that? I know that I’m healthy, and now I just have to reach my “happy body weight”. Because if i ended up dieting to some number i have in my head, and couldn’t maintain that naturally…it wouldn’t matter. I’d eventually end up gaining weight in the long run, and that wouldn’t be fun or worth it.

Sorry for the long discourse, but i felt i had to turn around the direction i thought this blog was headed.

Let’s START FRESH, shall we?


Mandy <3


Check out my awesome dinnah:

A baked sweet potato à la snackface, spinach and mango dressing :) And ketchup for dipping!

Muscle Soreness

Wow if i thought Whittle My Middle was hard the first day, the second time really showed me what’s what. I think it was partly to do with how new my body is to the amount of cardiovascular exercises I’ve been doing as well as core/weight training. All my muscles are sore, and I feel like they gave out a lot sooner than they would have normally.

Day 2 (Jan 13) Core Exercises courtesy of Whittle My Middle

Front Plank: 57s on forearms

Side Plank: 36s right side, 23s left side

Torso Twists: 15 with no weight

Plank ups: 11 reps with legs down

Bicycle: 2 sets of 15 reps

Side Plank With Twists: 8 sets both sides

Some of the numbers stayed the same. Some of them went down. Hopefully next time I will see an upward trend as my muscles start to get stronger.

For dinner I had a mushroom tomato stir fry on half a piece of bread with laughing cow light cheese. Dessert was some microwaved frozen fruit with dark chocolate and frozen yogurt. I was hungry so i gobbled it up pretty quickly and didn’t take a picture.

Achieving Moderation

Balance. This is something that I’ve always struggled with when it comes to health and nutrition. I either over eat, or restrict. Over exercise or none. I’ve never been able to just be balanced.

I’m trying to lose the last 5 pounds right now, but I’m having trouble eating in a way that i don’t feel deprived or begin to overeat. I’ve been trying to avoid calorie counting, but maybe that’s something i should be heading towards. So far my eating has been lighter than usual, but I don’t think it’s been quite the same (or restrictive) as when i calorie counted.

However, I haven’t been binging. And this is a big step for me. I’ve been letting myself eat what I want and pretty much stopping when I’m full. This is how I want to be able to eat for the rest of my life. I always eat pretty healthily in terms of quality and types of foods, but portion wise in the past I’ve been out of control, and this was part of the disordered eating which caused me to gain weight.

My official weigh in will be next Monday, so i will analyze how my progress is going then.

So far what I’ve been doing to shed the last 5:

-Cardio 5 times a week

-Trying to eat ‘lighter’ (still not sure what this is going to mean for me)

The eating lighter part is what I’m having trouble with. I think i need to count calories otherwise i will just be eating at my ‘normal’ range, where i maintain. Part of me thinks that maybe this is just where my ‘happy’ weight is. But the other part thinks that if i lose 5 more pounds i should be able to maintain there easily as well. I want to find the weight that I am meant to be at.

What I’ve eaten so far today:

-sandwich thin, half with almond butter, half with egg

-small piece of 85% dark chocolate

-apple with peanut butter

My goal here is to be comfortable with my body and weight. I know how to eat healthy without calorie counting, but I’m not sure that I know how to lose weight that way.

This shall be an interesting endeavor.